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In Korean newspapers you can hardly see any positive reports about China In order to achieve their goal of obscurantism the South Koreans first played up how chaotic China was all day long in the media and reports and slandered that China's agricultural products were not good When more and more South Koreans went to China to travel work and live and realized that China was not like what the government and the media told them the government 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm and the media began to vigorously advocate "no difference between body and soil" It means that as a Korean you should eat what is produced in Korea In fact most of the grapes here in Korea are lovely purple and terribly sour; the beef here seems to come from heaven and is ridiculously expensive; and the apples here are sold by the piece A Korean told me that she had heard that Chinese pears tasted terrible God! Where are the pears she said North of the Yellow River in China from east to west there are countless varieties of pears Pears produced in the Qin Dynasty have been tributes to the imperial court since ancient times What kind of pear did she eat Or she didn't eat it at all just what the ignorant media told her! Such a one-sided country such a country educated by the government!

This is Korea! South Korea's media is the world's most thorough implementation of the government's obscurantist policy machine! When China and South Korea were negotiating on the import of Chinese garlic a TV station reported that after doing experiments it was found that the cross section of Chinese garlic was 10 cloves the Netherlands was 20 cloves and South Korea only had six cloves The spicy flavor was concentrated so South Korea's garlic was good What a ridiculous report China still has a single garlic and Korea still has 7 cloves of garlic! Such examples are too numerous to mention! For example a television station solemnly said that the quality of housing in China is only the level of South Korea in the 1960s and 1970s God! The foolishness of the Korean frog in the well is exposed People in Seoul will tell you when they pass the 63 building that it is the tallest building in Korea! When a South Korean team plays a foreign team if the South Korean team is ahead at the beginning the commentator will shout "We pushed the Great Wall" If the South Korean team falls behind at the end of the 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox game the TV station will immediately change the program to something else This is how to cultivate national pride! This is Korea! It is said that South Korea's policy of differential publicity on agricultural products has also become a written policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of South Korea It is believed that the poor Koreans will be taught that everything in Korea is good They don't know that China has a Eight Famous Cuisines They might as well continue to pay high prices and eat those "local" things When it comes to the shamelessness and narrow-mindedness of the media on the one hand it is followed by the courage of ignorance! I have indeed seen such a journalist who can neither speak Chinese nor English go to China and dare to write a book about China's economy! The courage of ignorance is amazing! In South Korea what we fear most is the so-called "China hand"

After one or two trips to China they can speak a few words of Chinese read a few Chinese characters and know a few historical figures they dare to call themselves "China hands" Brushless Gear Motor Be consulted by others on China issues and not feel that your knowledge is far from adequate Confucius's propriety righteousness benevolence wisdom and faith are gone here only the happiness and complacency of the frog in the well This is Korea! The South Korean spirit I see is actually hierarchical seniority-based and lifeless They sleep in the toilet during working hours pretend to work overtime after work and go out drinking at night The problems discussed last year are still being discussed this year but they can't get a joint venture company done in two years They are always busy but they are always fruitless The Korean career in China is doomed to fail unless he faces up to China himself Because in China's major events Korea can not be found so there is no need to consider policy; because in the eyes of the Chinese Koreans are stingy mean and do not speak of credibility The great achievement of Korean men in China in just 10 years is to completely stink the impression of Koreans in the minds of Chinese people At the same time the inexplicable sense of pride and superiority in the hearts of Koreans makes the Chinese deeply disgusted

Although Korea can't compete with Japan Europe and the United States in terms of capital and technology Koreans still don't understand that in the Chinese market they are competing with all the world's strong players It is ridiculous and ignorant to try to fight in China with outdated technology and poor capital A resident representative of a company in Shanghai asked me whether China had ever paid royalties to foreign companies for Parallel Shaft Gearbox technology transfer God! What does he do every day This is Korea! Koreans are the most bullied and despised Chinese Koreans while Chinese Koreans are the most hated and hated Chinese Koreans This is really a strange country! The nationality column on the registration certificate of all Chinese Korean foreigners from China is written as China korea。 Koreans don't write like this out of ignorance because they don't write like this korea。 Asked why South Korean officials said that Chinese Koreans and South Koreans could not be distinguished so they had to be specified; Russian Koreans looked different from South Koreans so they did not have to be specified They know that there is no such country in the world and what they are doing is nothing more than discriminating against Chinese Koreans or having other plans!

The vast majority of Chinese who have worked in South Korea leave the country with disgust Many of these Chinese are not illegal workers in Korea (although Koreans firmly believe that the fact that Chinese can come to Korea to work is a great reward for Chinese); these Chinese are highly educated and some of them have even studied and worked in the United States for a long time; even if these Chinese have not been to the United States their fluent English makes Koreans feel more or less inferior These people feel the same Among them there are Korean friends who have returned to China and there are friends who are still in Korea who are upset when they hear Korean people talking It is worth emphasizing that as well as our American colleagues and Japanese friends our feelings about Korea are basically the same The reason for this phenomenon comes from the Koreans themselves but sadly they are still very proud and proud I knew that when I went to Lotte the Korean national flag and the Japanese national flag were put together and in the most important position When I went to Dongdaemun the national flag was still put like that There were many Korean artists dressed up too much and the Koreans were very affectionate to the Japanese! ichgearmotor.com

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"Yes I was lying there with my eyes closed" Think about what to do I thought 'Thank God my daughter doesn't know I'm suffering' Later knowing how to come I had a brainwave quietly touched the bell pressed my hand and wanted the conductor to come I kept ringing the bell ringing and ringing but there was no sound I dare say that my heart is about to stop beating 'My God 'I thought' he probably killed all the people in the car ' The car was parked and it was so quiet that it was creepy But I kept ringing the bell I was relieved when I finally heard footsteps coming down the aisle and a knock on my door 'Come In! ' I exclaimed flashed Planetary Gear Motor the light on and opened my eyes Believe it or not there was no one there Here it seemed was not the end of Mrs Hubbard's story but the climax And then madam "So I told the man about the strange thing" He didn't believe it and said that I was probably dreaming I asked him to look under the bunk and he said that it was so narrow under the bed that no one could hide from it

It's all too clear that the man must have slipped away Anyway there was someone in the room and that's it But the most unbearable thing was the conductor who said that he was trying to coax me in every way which made me crazy But I'm not a fanatic sir -May I have your name sir Poirot Madame This is Mr Bowker a director of the company This is Dr Constantine Mrs Haberschon muttered something to the three of them I'm sure it's a pleasure to meet you all She said these words with an absent-minded look Then she went on with her soliloquy I don't want to pretend that I'm very clever I know in my heart that it's the man next door-the poor man who was killed I asked the conductor to look at the common door of the two rooms The door was obviously unbolted and I saw it at a glance So I told him to bolt the door right in front of me After he left I got out of bed and carried a suitcase to make it more stable "Mrs Hubbard when was that" "But really I can't say"

At that time my heart was in a mess and I didn't pay attention at all "What is your opinion now" "I dare say that is the most obvious thing" The man in my room is the murderer Is there anyone else "You mean the man went back to the next room" How do I know where he is going My eyes were closed "He must have slipped out of the door and into the corridor" "I can't say" As you know my eyes are closed Mrs Hubbard sighed deeply My God I'm scared! If my daughter knew 12v High Torque Motor "Do you think madam that what you heard was the sound of someone moving in the next room the victim's room" No I don't think so sir -What is your name -Poirot Monsieur Poirot indeed he came to my room Besides I have proof She picked up a handbag triumphantly and dug it out One after another she took out two clean bandannas a pair of boned spectacles a bottle of aspirin a packet of Glauber's salt a bottle of green shiny peppermint oil in an electric tube a bunch of keys a pair of scissors an American Express check a very ordinary snapshot of a child several letters five strings of imitation Oriental rosaries and a metal gadget a button Have you seen this kind of button It's not my button and it's not from any of my clothes I picked it up when I got up this morning She put the button on the table Mr Bowker leaned over and examined him

This is the button on the conductor's uniform "There is a very reasonable explanation for this" Said Poirot He turned politely to the old American lady Ma'am this button may have come off the conductor's uniform Either he dropped it when he checked your compartment or he dropped it when he made your bed last night ” "I don't understand what it is about you people who 24v Gear Motor seem to do nothing but antagonize others" Listen last night before I went to bed I was reading a magazine I put the magazine on the small box before turning off the light The small box is on the floor near the window Do you notice They all said to her "I noticed" That's right The conductor looked under my bed at the door then got up and bolted the door to the next door but he didn't get close to the window I found this button in a magazine this morning I'd like to know what you call it "We call it incriminating evidence madam" Said Poirot

The lady seemed satisfied with his answer If you don't believe me it will drive you crazy She exclaimed You provide the most interesting and valuable evidence Poirot said soothingly "Now can I ask a few questions" "Please you are very welcome" "If you're so afraid of Ratchett why didn't you bolt the door that connects the two rooms What's going on" "I was bolted" Mrs Hubbard retorted at once Well is it bolted "In fact I asked the Swedish woman -- a pleasant woman -- if the door was bolted and she said it was" "Why don't you go and see for yourself" "Because I was already in bed and my handbag was hanging on the doorknob" "When did you ask the lady" Let me think At about 1030 or 1500 she asked me if I had any aspirin and I told her where to put it She took the medicine from my handbag "Are you in bed by yourself" "Yes" She burst out laughing What a poor thing-she was in a hurry then Look she's opened the door of the next room by mistake "Mr Ratchett's door" 。 ichgearmotor.com

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Han Shuo will see the situation behind him clearly he knows Rose is moving to kill the heart but Han Shuo does not care this time is not the same as usual He didn't have to hide from Rose Dare to come in it proves his confidence! When the little spiders were making webs behind Han Shuo Han Shuo who was very fast had already crossed the winding cave The golden corpse once came to the huge cave in the earth where the giant body of Rose the spider goddess with human face was in the center and a spider web was everywhere Her beautiful face looked up at Han Shuo and her eyes were cold and merciless Do not look at the giant body of the spider goddess just look at that beautiful face most people will be moved that face is bright and moving eyes are faint lips are full and ruddy She looks like a beautiful woman High Torque 12v Dc Motor in any way Rose you are also a superior God Why do you have to stay in this cave that never sees the light of day Han Shuo walked in with a smile first looked around and then asked as if nothing had happened Rose's cold eyes condensed on Han Shuo And did not answer his question in Rose's eyes Han Shuo is only a middle God she does not understand why a middle God would come to die Rose's heart was full of doubts especially when Han Shuo was fearless and obviously fearless Rose who was extremely resentful of Han Shuo dared not act rashly I came here this time to settle that old score with you!

Seeing that Rose did not answer Han Shuo did not ask much He looked at Rose with a smile and said the purpose of this line "When I was in Chiao Land you used Adele a God slave to almost kill me" And then let Adele make trouble in my realm Can you tell me what to do "What do you want me to do" Rose suddenly shrieked and sneered "In that low-level plane" You have repeatedly sabotaged my good deeds and raped and killed my followers! Came to this plane and stole my crystal you dare to ask me how to do Boy I don't care what you have to rely on if you dare to come in today you won't get out alive! "It seems that there is no divine crystal in your cave Well it seems that you can't get enough booty this time!" Han Shuo looked around and then gently a sigh some helpless way This guy obviously stimulated Rose reminded her of Han Shuo had stolen the crystal in the Devil Peak so Rose could no longer hold back immediately screamed whistling extremely harsh in the whole Devil Peak circuitous With the whistling sound Rose's sharp claws 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox as sharp as a huge knife suddenly split at Han Shuo At the same time the realm of the dark gods suddenly unfolded and the already dark mountainside immediately fell into absolute darkness and the dark elements converged from all sides towards Rose's realm of the gods gathering more and more as the dark elements gathered All the light here is swallowed up by the darkness Rose see Han Shuo to the strange and a fearless look so do not dare to relax Han Shuo suddenly a shot go all out Han Shuo as the same level of master! Han Shuo looked straight at Rose with a calm face and it was not until Rose's sharp claws came to the ground that he sacrificed seventeen flying swords

The heart moves at will seventeen flying swords spread out from his back like a peacock spreading its tail blocking all the sharp claws of the spider goddess Rose The flying swords are sharper than Rose's sharp claws with corrosive acid and cold poison on them There is a sound of gold and iron hitting each other and Rose's sharp claws are withdrawn at a faster speed Just one blow Rose felt the terrible corrosive force on Han Shuo's flying sword As soon as the corrosive force touched her sharp claws the corrosive force and cold poison immediately penetrated into her body through her sharp claws The dark power originally used to kill Han Shuo in the sharp claws was all used to resist cold poison and acid poison which did not play its due role at all Fortunately at the very beginning Rose tried her best to confuse people's minds and take it lightly otherwise Rose would suffer a great loss just by hitting the first one! Boy what kind of power do you use Why is your eyesight not affected at all And why is your artifact so sinister Immediately after the blow Rose screamed

Seventeen flying swords filled with magic power Rose's sharp claws touched and immediately found that this force was very strange and the acid poison and cold poison on the flying sword were even more insidious and overbearing She was immediately startled and then look at Han Shuo when more and more feel unfathomable more dare not take it lightly! "What do you care" Han Shuo Hei Hei a smile seventeen standing in the back of the flying sword suddenly shot out straight to Rose's strength-is indeed the middle of the upper God! Seventeen flying swords roared past Ignoring the absolute dark space created by Rose Vending Machine Motor he enveloped Rose with the track of "a Bi Tu Shen Jian Array" Rose has the medium-term strength of the superior God and does not borrow the power of the tripod spirit Han Shuo also had to go all out! The whistling sound of the flying sword was extremely harsh in the cave but it was somewhat similar to the sharp whistling sound of Rose just now but because the flying sword was 17 mouths in a hurry The harsh whistling sound was obviously stronger and more lasting than Rose's sudden roar! The sound of whistling fell into Rose's ears which made her feel a little restless and she didn't think much about it Rose's white hair like a spider's silk began to fly and a small spider floated out with the white hair

There were hundreds of little spiders and just looking at them made people feel like their scalp was tingling A little spider inside has the dark power given by Rose hundreds of them come let them drown is not a pleasant thing! After the little spiders were sent out by Rose with long hair her sharp claws flashed and danced A black light curtain was formed on the side of the body firmly blocking the cover of Han Shuo's seventeen flying swords Rose had scruples about Han Shuo's seventeen flying swords with amazing corrosive power and cold poison When the spider was used by her to attack Han Shuo she did not stop defending against the seventeen flying swords Naturally the "a Bi Tu Shen Jian Array" is not so easy to deal with Without the power of the tripod spirit even if the "a Bi Hell" can not be used it is also very difficult to resist the "A Bi Tu Shen Jian Array" which is practiced with the most basic array method In particular the Seventeen Flying Swords themselves have terrible acid poison and cold poison which is not so easy to resist ichgearmotor.com

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"There are hundreds of heroes in the Hundred Flowers Villa" said Shen Mufeng "but none of them can trap you Xiao Ling Even if there is an ambush I'm afraid there won't be any The law has trapped you Xiao Ling Xiao Ling said "What kind of sinister ambush did the Villa Leader set up for Xiao Ling Please tell me" Shen Mufeng said "Ten miles into the mountain there is a valley At the end of the valley there is the place where prisoners live a hundred Low Rpm Electric Motor miles of ice" "Lord Shen is setting up an ambush in the valley" said Xiao Ling "He wants to break into the valley to save people" "Exactly" said Shen Mufeng I set up eight ambushes in the valley If you Xiao Ling can break through the eight ambushes you can see the hundred-mile girl At this point make a ha-ha and shut up Xiao Ling shrugged her eyebrows and said "I also want to tell you something about Lord Shen" "All right" said Shen Mufeng "I'll wash my ears Listen "Do you know whose daughter Bailibing is" Asked Xiao Ling "The Venerable Northern Heaven" said Shen Mufeng Xiao Ling said "The number of masters of the Venerable Northern Heaven is not inferior to that of your masters in Baihua Villa

If there is any damage to Baili Ice you Shen Mufeng has one more strong enemy Shen Mufeng laughed and said "I have my own plan to put the blame on you Don't bother" Glancing at the yellow-clad monk he said slowly "Brother Xiao this is the only master here" You don't know him "Lord Shen" said Xiao Ling "could you introduce me" Shen Mufeng said "naturally you can" With a slight pause in his voice he pointed to the monk in yellow and said "This is the eminent monk who is the abbot of the Bodhidharma Temple in the contemporary Shaolin Temple Teacher Turning his eyes to Xiao Ling's face he pointed out "This is the famous Xiao Ling Master Xiao" Master Shifang put his hands together and said with a smile "I've heard a lot about Master Xiao I'm lucky to be here today" Xiao Ling said coldly "The Shaolin Sect has always been regarded as the Big Dipper of Mount Tai by fellow practitioners in the martial arts world It is unattainable" Master Shifang said with a smile "That's a compliment from fellow Wulin to my Shaolin Sect" I am honored to be a disciple of Shaolin "Yan" Xiao Ling gave a sneer and said "Shaolin disciples are all worthy of pride but the master doesn't seem to be so proud" Master Shifang had a sudden smile on his face but he was not angry He only said lightly "Master Xiao has a bad temper" Xiao Ling said "I don't think I need to say anything nice to people like you" Master Shifang gave a sneer and stopped interfacing Shen Mufeng laughed and said "Brother Xiao it's very difficult for us two brothers to have a chance to work together again" "Yes" said Xiao Ling "as long as you Villa Leader Shen can abandon the idea of seeking hegemony in Jianghu I would like to come forward on behalf of Villa Leader Shen Wulin Tongdao explains Shen Mufeng smiled faintly and said "Well I think we'll talk about it after your brother Xiao rescues Miss Baili" Xiao Ling stood up and said "How can I walk I hope Lord

Shen will lead the way" "Brother Xiao won't go in" said Shen Mufeng Do you order wine and rice before you go "I'm not hungry in my lower abdomen" said Xiao Ling "No need" Shen Mufeng said Micro Gear Motor "Since Master Xiao is very concerned about Miss Baili I won't force myself to do so" Stand up and go to the layman Lan Yutang Lady Jinhua and Master Shifang all stood up Xiao Ling walked last and went outside "Let's take a shortcut" said Shen Mufeng "Hurry up" Head straight for the summit This cliff although there are many pine trees can be climbed but too steep walking in the meantime is also very dangerous Fortunately these people are first-class skill flying skill is outstanding can still deal with Climbing to the top of the peak and looking back I saw a deep valley at the bottom of the cliff winding around the snow peak Pointing to the deep valley Shen Mufeng said "That's the deep valley Go straight to the middle of the valley and rush through eight ambushes You!" I'm sure I can see the hundred-mile girl Xiao Ling glanced at the deep valley where the weeds could be seen faintly "Walking in the deep valley is better than walking on the peak" she said to herself The top is even more sinister

"Shen Mufeng" he said "how can I believe you" Shen Mufeng Gear Reduction Motor nodded slightly saying "That's a good question but you're in no position to ask me now and I'm willing to answer you entirely because we met in the past year" A little affair "There's another reason" said Xiao Ling coldly "It's just that Lord Shen won't say it" Shen Mufeng laughed and said "Brother we haven't been apart for a long time My brother seems to have made great progress in his wisdom I'd like to listen to this" Listen what's the reason Xiao Ling said "If you can't prove that the hundred-mile ice is at the end of the deep valley and it's still alive how can I Xiao Ling be willing to get involved" Danger! The eight ambushes you set up are a waste of your efforts Shen Mufeng nodded and said "That makes sense" Lan Yutang said coldly "Actually we don't have to go to a lot of trouble We just need the strength of the four of us to kill you here It's easy" Like the palm of one's hand Xiao Ling glanced at the four of them and said coldly "Even if

I'm not the enemy of the four of you breaking through the siege I'm not" Difficult four do not believe might as well try Shen Mufeng smiled and said "I believe Brother Xiao really has the ability to break through the siege" With a pause in his voice he said "I've already thought of the terms offered by Brother Xiao Naturally I want you to know exactly where the hundred-mile girl is" At the end of the valley you are willing to take risks Xiao Ling said in her heart Look at this Luangu Valley I'm afraid it's tens of miles deep I don't know how to make me believe that the hundred-mile ice is really there Medium But Wen Shen Mufeng said "Can you identify the handwriting of that hundred miles girl" "Of course" said Xiao Ling thoughtfully "I can" Shen Mufeng said "I'm afraid the handwriting alone is not enough to rely on" You'd better ask her to put a token in the letter "The more secret the better so that others do not know so as not to forge" "I want an earring she carries with her" said Xiao Ling "Good" said Shen Mufeng Raise your hand Immediately there is a big fellow should rush to The big fellow was dressed in gray and carrying a birdcage in his hand Shen Mufeng said "Release the pigeon and bring a letter to Miss Baili asking her to attach an earring to it" 。 ichgearmotor.com

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Xia Yichu walked directly in front of the emperor She took one look at everyone who was still in a state of panic She opened her mouth to the emperor and said "Your Majesty you must have just seen that the assassin leader was not a human being but a demon after being refined" Although everyone had seen before how Xia Yichu destroyed the leader of the man in black but when he heard Xia Yichu really opened his mouth to admit it it still caused a lot of panic Magic things This terrible creature has not appeared in front of everyone for a long time since the church grew stronger and stronger It is said that magic objects come Small Geared Motors and go without a trace and people can only see a black shadow Moreover it can also incarnate in the human body control the human body and even take the human body as its own As long as you think about the leader of the man in black who has just been solved by Xia Yichu you will feel your scalp tingling And in this the most cherish life is undoubtedly the emperor All over the world he has the highest status and the greatest power Similarly the emperor is also the most afraid of death If you die you will not be able to enjoy all these things that everyone admires and longs for After hearing Xia Yichu's words the emperor could hardly wait to ask "What is the saint's plan" It has always been the responsibility of your Holy See to get rid of demons!

The tone of the emperor's last words was slightly aggravated Xia Yichu understood his feelings now so he didn't mind him Instead he followed his words and said "Your Majesty please rest assured that I will stay in the capital during this period of time until I find out the whole story of these demons and eradicate them" It's just that during this period the cooperation of the emperor and others is needed "That's for sure If the saint needs anything just ask" The emperor answered immediately Xia Yichu looked at his serious expression and laughed a little but in his heart he was afraid that the demons would hurt the emperor's body so he took out something from his bosom and offered it to him with one hand He opened his mouth and said "Your Majesty this is the spirit bead I have worn around me for many years It can help you resist the attack of the demons three times If there is a demon approaching it will also send out a red light as a warning

If you don't mind You can take it Such a good thing the emperor naturally does not dislike and even will hold it as a treasure The emperor nodded and the little eunuch next to him immediately took away the spirit beads from Xia Yichu's hand There were so many people present that it was impossible for Xia Yichu to appease the emperor alone She performed a great light trick so that the holy white light enveloped everyone present After the white light dispersed everyone was in high spirits with a look of some enjoyment and there was no longer any fear before After what had just happened the banquet naturally could not go on However the emperor could not let everyone leave the palace like this The matter of magic objects is always a hidden danger Whether the master of this demon is from the palace or the person who came in to attend the banquet today all need to be investigated micro gear motor And the only people who can find out all this are Xia Yichu and Luan Jiu An Wang stood out from the side of the emperor he opened his mouth "Father since you want to investigate then directly from our body to start or to set an example for everyone" Most importantly King An understood the lip language that Xia Yichu had spoken to him at the banquet before He knew that people with evil spirits were among the masters in the palace As soon as King An's words fell the emperor did not have time to speak Princess

An Guo who was next to him frowned and then spoke out "King An what do you mean by that" Do you suspect that it was we who caused all this "Sister Huang I didn't mean that" King An's mouth twitched slightly and his eyes fell on Princess Anguo "I just want to set an example for everyone" he said Princess Anguo could not find a reason to refute so she stopped talking but her look was still not very good The emperor took one look at the two men and said "It's not proper to make a lot of noise about this Saint you can start with the ministers and their families" "Yes" Xia Yichu answered and his eyes swept over Small Dc Gear Motor Princess Anguo's face so fast that people could hardly notice it Xia Yichu let these people stand in two rows she and Luan Jiu respectively to these people to display the great light after three times the great light is still safe and sound it has nothing to do with the magic Everyone obediently cooperated with Xia Yichu's action not only to wash away their suspicion but also to give themselves a peace of mind The Great Light can be applied to more than ten people

With the active cooperation of everyone all the people who came to the banquet today were cleared of suspicion and none of them had evil spirit All the ministers breathed a sigh of relief but Xia Yichu turned around and said to the emperor "Your Majesty I have finished the examination" "Well let's start with King An" The emperor said with a dignified face An Wang's body certainly will not have the evil spirit Xia Yichu quickly gave him to display three big light art An Wang's face is full of enjoyment the expression does not have the slightest reluctance Princess Anguo sat quietly on one side looking so calm that people could not see what she was thinking She did not take the initiative to come forward Xia Yichu also did not deliberately want to catch her to identify It was not until all the people on Xia Yichu's side had been identified that Xia Yichu's eyes fell on Princess Anguo Princess Anguo is the only one who disagrees with this matter which makes it easy for everyone to think of something Intentionally or unintentionally everyone is a little farther away from Princess Anguo Chapter 962 your blood is so sweet For these people's small actions Princess Anguo did not put in the eye She looked directly at Xia Yichu and although her eyes were somewhat unhappy she was not afraid or guilty at all Princess I'm going to start Xia Yichu said to her Princess Anguo snorted coldly and did not answer Xia Yichu used one light technique after another against Princess Anguo but after three light techniques Princess Anguo was still sitting there intact nothing happened ichgearmotor.com

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Awesome this time oppa shoots MV will it shoot TV series or even movies in the future I'm looking forward to it! After people saw the name of the director column behind the MV everyone could not help but exclaim so all kinds of comments or admiration of nymphomaniacs began to flood the Internet As a result there are no more comments on the Internet about the title of Lin Yuner because the attention of the netizens is all focused on the new small geared motors director Lin Tao Knowing that Lin Tao is the director of MV many people began to watch more carefully the three MVS of "Like Being Shot" "Love Is Like That" and "Love Rain" Looking at the continuous story-like MV the smooth plot the delicate and clear picture the perfect angle and the precise cutting people can not help but secretly marvel This is definitely one of the few exquisite works in MV I didn't pay attention to it before but I just thought the MV shooting was very good Now look this is clearly a story Listening to three songs together I really feel great The original three MV is a story ah this is love How happy! The last kiss in the rain was so wonderful The lovers finally got married "Lin Tao's directing strength is still great Even many people who have been directing for many years may not be able to complete this MV The story is very strong and the music is also very appropriate It's really great"

After watching Lin Tao's MV a group of people began to admire his directorial strength Although it has to be said that there is some deliberate praise the perfection of Lin Tao's own direction is undeniable Had it not been for a simple little MV Lin Tao's shooting would have been more perfect But in any case people are amazed admired and somewhat numb numb to Lin Tao's seemingly omnipotent strength Subsequently the major media in South Korea naturally responded quickly to report the incident and began to try to interview Lin Tao and ask him how he did it But who is Lin Tao He is a powerful but extremely lazy idol gear reduction motor Therefore in line with the spirit of "no trouble no trouble" Lin Tao with the excuse of hanging the appetite of the media completely asked the s M company to turn down those overwhelming interviews Every day in addition to concentrating on promoting his album he was preparing for the music stage for his official song this week However Lin Tao does not turn down media interviews every day He also occasionally responds to a few simple questions from the media which is a thorough appetite for the media As for the Internet not to mention from Lin Tao's album was exposed after his own director MV everything has been a bit of a burst of the trend What everyone is most enthusiastic about now is to publish the information of Lin Tao's activities on the Internet or to discuss how Lin Tao's MV is or to declare all kinds of support and expectations for Lin Tao's singing stage

In short it is a lively scene which thoroughly pulls the public and public opinion onto their own bodies In the envious words of Liu Zaishi and others Lin Tao once again deserves to be the general trend and he is simply the general trend Faced with the envy of his friends Lin Tao in addition to being indifferent to the outside world is concentrating on his own affairs Time flashed by in the disturbance of the outside world it came to Friday in the blink of an eye and Lin Tao's first singing stage also came Ask for subscription ask for recommendation and monthly ticket Thank you Yunding's writing is not good so we can only hold on to it Don't expect too much Yunding can write very well His writing style has been very bad [Text Chapter 271 Dazzling Achievements (First Watch)] At noon on Friday Lin Tao had already had lunch and arrived at the KBS TV station in a nanny car ready to take part in the music bank's hit list activity

When they arrived at the TV station downstairs it was still full of stars waiting for their support and fans for their support Among them Lin Tao's halo deserves the most No way who told him that there is almost no competition brushless gear motor with him now After seeing the ratings caused by Lin Tao's popular songs the major TV stations almost unanimously decided to give Lin Tao some privileges For example when he finally appeared on the stage the number of fans who came in to support him increased and so on In the face of these privileges the s M company is naturally accepted safely now it is time for the TV station to please Lin Tao and there is no need for Lin Tao to do anything new and wronged this era is always the strength of everything So because of Lin Tao's privileged treatment when he came to the TV station downstairs it was already surrounded by halos who stood aside in an orderly manner waiting for their idols to appear As soon as Lin Tao saw his fans he was also happy

After getting off the bus he chatted with them for a few words before he came on stage under the reminder of Jin Dacheng But because of his good attitude towards fans he is also more loved and praised by fans whether it is the behavior of buying breakfast drinks in the past or chatting now which makes fans have a lifelong idea to support him But Lin Tao himself did not know this He was just doing what he thought he should do saying goodbye to his fans After putting away the equipment Lin Tao and Jin Dacheng visited the older generation together and after being visited by other younger generations he began to wait for his eldest brother's stage with peace of mind Today's music bank originally wanted to arrange three songs for Lin Tao but Lin Tao and the s M company finally decided to perform two hit songs and the remaining one will be used as a follow-up hit song to continue to play songs considering the extension of the stage and publicity period After selection Lin Tao decided to perform two songs today "Like being shot" and "Love is like that" because the emotions of these two songs can be said to come down in one continuous line if you choose the song Love Rain directly It will make the audience feel a little strange ichgearmotor.com

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