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Xia Yichu walked directly in front of the emperor She took one look at everyone who was still in a state of panic She opened her mouth to the emperor and said "Your Majesty you must have just seen that the assassin leader was not a human being but a demon after being refined" Although everyone had seen before how Xia Yichu destroyed the leader of the man in black but when he heard Xia Yichu really opened his mouth to admit it it still caused a lot of panic Magic things This terrible creature has not appeared in front of everyone for a long time since the church grew stronger and stronger It is said that magic objects come Small Geared Motors and go without a trace and people can only see a black shadow Moreover it can also incarnate in the human body control the human body and even take the human body as its own As long as you think about the leader of the man in black who has just been solved by Xia Yichu you will feel your scalp tingling And in this the most cherish life is undoubtedly the emperor All over the world he has the highest status and the greatest power Similarly the emperor is also the most afraid of death If you die you will not be able to enjoy all these things that everyone admires and longs for After hearing Xia Yichu's words the emperor could hardly wait to ask "What is the saint's plan" It has always been the responsibility of your Holy See to get rid of demons!

The tone of the emperor's last words was slightly aggravated Xia Yichu understood his feelings now so he didn't mind him Instead he followed his words and said "Your Majesty please rest assured that I will stay in the capital during this period of time until I find out the whole story of these demons and eradicate them" It's just that during this period the cooperation of the emperor and others is needed "That's for sure If the saint needs anything just ask" The emperor answered immediately Xia Yichu looked at his serious expression and laughed a little but in his heart he was afraid that the demons would hurt the emperor's body so he took out something from his bosom and offered it to him with one hand He opened his mouth and said "Your Majesty this is the spirit bead I have worn around me for many years It can help you resist the attack of the demons three times If there is a demon approaching it will also send out a red light as a warning

If you don't mind You can take it Such a good thing the emperor naturally does not dislike and even will hold it as a treasure The emperor nodded and the little eunuch next to him immediately took away the spirit beads from Xia Yichu's hand There were so many people present that it was impossible for Xia Yichu to appease the emperor alone She performed a great light trick so that the holy white light enveloped everyone present After the white light dispersed everyone was in high spirits with a look of some enjoyment and there was no longer any fear before After what had just happened the banquet naturally could not go on However the emperor could not let everyone leave the palace like this The matter of magic objects is always a hidden danger Whether the master of this demon is from the palace or the person who came in to attend the banquet today all need to be investigated micro gear motor And the only people who can find out all this are Xia Yichu and Luan Jiu An Wang stood out from the side of the emperor he opened his mouth "Father since you want to investigate then directly from our body to start or to set an example for everyone" Most importantly King An understood the lip language that Xia Yichu had spoken to him at the banquet before He knew that people with evil spirits were among the masters in the palace As soon as King An's words fell the emperor did not have time to speak Princess

An Guo who was next to him frowned and then spoke out "King An what do you mean by that" Do you suspect that it was we who caused all this "Sister Huang I didn't mean that" King An's mouth twitched slightly and his eyes fell on Princess Anguo "I just want to set an example for everyone" he said Princess Anguo could not find a reason to refute so she stopped talking but her look was still not very good The emperor took one look at the two men and said "It's not proper to make a lot of noise about this Saint you can start with the ministers and their families" "Yes" Xia Yichu answered and his eyes swept over Small Dc Gear Motor Princess Anguo's face so fast that people could hardly notice it Xia Yichu let these people stand in two rows she and Luan Jiu respectively to these people to display the great light after three times the great light is still safe and sound it has nothing to do with the magic Everyone obediently cooperated with Xia Yichu's action not only to wash away their suspicion but also to give themselves a peace of mind The Great Light can be applied to more than ten people

With the active cooperation of everyone all the people who came to the banquet today were cleared of suspicion and none of them had evil spirit All the ministers breathed a sigh of relief but Xia Yichu turned around and said to the emperor "Your Majesty I have finished the examination" "Well let's start with King An" The emperor said with a dignified face An Wang's body certainly will not have the evil spirit Xia Yichu quickly gave him to display three big light art An Wang's face is full of enjoyment the expression does not have the slightest reluctance Princess Anguo sat quietly on one side looking so calm that people could not see what she was thinking She did not take the initiative to come forward Xia Yichu also did not deliberately want to catch her to identify It was not until all the people on Xia Yichu's side had been identified that Xia Yichu's eyes fell on Princess Anguo Princess Anguo is the only one who disagrees with this matter which makes it easy for everyone to think of something Intentionally or unintentionally everyone is a little farther away from Princess Anguo Chapter 962 your blood is so sweet For these people's small actions Princess Anguo did not put in the eye She looked directly at Xia Yichu and although her eyes were somewhat unhappy she was not afraid or guilty at all Princess I'm going to start Xia Yichu said to her Princess Anguo snorted coldly and did not answer Xia Yichu used one light technique after another against Princess Anguo but after three light techniques Princess Anguo was still sitting there intact nothing happened ichgearmotor.com

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