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In Korean newspapers you can hardly see any positive reports about China In order to achieve their goal of obscurantism the South Koreans first played up how chaotic China was all day long in the media and reports and slandered that China's agricultural products were not good When more and more South Koreans went to China to travel work and live and realized that China was not like what the government and the media told them the government 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm and the media began to vigorously advocate "no difference between body and soil" It means that as a Korean you should eat what is produced in Korea In fact most of the grapes here in Korea are lovely purple and terribly sour; the beef here seems to come from heaven and is ridiculously expensive; and the apples here are sold by the piece A Korean told me that she had heard that Chinese pears tasted terrible God! Where are the pears she said North of the Yellow River in China from east to west there are countless varieties of pears Pears produced in the Qin Dynasty have been tributes to the imperial court since ancient times What kind of pear did she eat Or she didn't eat it at all just what the ignorant media told her! Such a one-sided country such a country educated by the government!

This is Korea! South Korea's media is the world's most thorough implementation of the government's obscurantist policy machine! When China and South Korea were negotiating on the import of Chinese garlic a TV station reported that after doing experiments it was found that the cross section of Chinese garlic was 10 cloves the Netherlands was 20 cloves and South Korea only had six cloves The spicy flavor was concentrated so South Korea's garlic was good What a ridiculous report China still has a single garlic and Korea still has 7 cloves of garlic! Such examples are too numerous to mention! For example a television station solemnly said that the quality of housing in China is only the level of South Korea in the 1960s and 1970s God! The foolishness of the Korean frog in the well is exposed People in Seoul will tell you when they pass the 63 building that it is the tallest building in Korea! When a South Korean team plays a foreign team if the South Korean team is ahead at the beginning the commentator will shout "We pushed the Great Wall" If the South Korean team falls behind at the end of the 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox game the TV station will immediately change the program to something else This is how to cultivate national pride! This is Korea! It is said that South Korea's policy of differential publicity on agricultural products has also become a written policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of South Korea It is believed that the poor Koreans will be taught that everything in Korea is good They don't know that China has a Eight Famous Cuisines They might as well continue to pay high prices and eat those "local" things When it comes to the shamelessness and narrow-mindedness of the media on the one hand it is followed by the courage of ignorance! I have indeed seen such a journalist who can neither speak Chinese nor English go to China and dare to write a book about China's economy! The courage of ignorance is amazing! In South Korea what we fear most is the so-called "China hand"

After one or two trips to China they can speak a few words of Chinese read a few Chinese characters and know a few historical figures they dare to call themselves "China hands" Brushless Gear Motor Be consulted by others on China issues and not feel that your knowledge is far from adequate Confucius's propriety righteousness benevolence wisdom and faith are gone here only the happiness and complacency of the frog in the well This is Korea! The South Korean spirit I see is actually hierarchical seniority-based and lifeless They sleep in the toilet during working hours pretend to work overtime after work and go out drinking at night The problems discussed last year are still being discussed this year but they can't get a joint venture company done in two years They are always busy but they are always fruitless The Korean career in China is doomed to fail unless he faces up to China himself Because in China's major events Korea can not be found so there is no need to consider policy; because in the eyes of the Chinese Koreans are stingy mean and do not speak of credibility The great achievement of Korean men in China in just 10 years is to completely stink the impression of Koreans in the minds of Chinese people At the same time the inexplicable sense of pride and superiority in the hearts of Koreans makes the Chinese deeply disgusted

Although Korea can't compete with Japan Europe and the United States in terms of capital and technology Koreans still don't understand that in the Chinese market they are competing with all the world's strong players It is ridiculous and ignorant to try to fight in China with outdated technology and poor capital A resident representative of a company in Shanghai asked me whether China had ever paid royalties to foreign companies for Parallel Shaft Gearbox technology transfer God! What does he do every day This is Korea! Koreans are the most bullied and despised Chinese Koreans while Chinese Koreans are the most hated and hated Chinese Koreans This is really a strange country! The nationality column on the registration certificate of all Chinese Korean foreigners from China is written as China korea。 Koreans don't write like this out of ignorance because they don't write like this korea。 Asked why South Korean officials said that Chinese Koreans and South Koreans could not be distinguished so they had to be specified; Russian Koreans looked different from South Koreans so they did not have to be specified They know that there is no such country in the world and what they are doing is nothing more than discriminating against Chinese Koreans or having other plans!

The vast majority of Chinese who have worked in South Korea leave the country with disgust Many of these Chinese are not illegal workers in Korea (although Koreans firmly believe that the fact that Chinese can come to Korea to work is a great reward for Chinese); these Chinese are highly educated and some of them have even studied and worked in the United States for a long time; even if these Chinese have not been to the United States their fluent English makes Koreans feel more or less inferior These people feel the same Among them there are Korean friends who have returned to China and there are friends who are still in Korea who are upset when they hear Korean people talking It is worth emphasizing that as well as our American colleagues and Japanese friends our feelings about Korea are basically the same The reason for this phenomenon comes from the Koreans themselves but sadly they are still very proud and proud I knew that when I went to Lotte the Korean national flag and the Japanese national flag were put together and in the most important position When I went to Dongdaemun the national flag was still put like that There were many Korean artists dressed up too much and the Koreans were very affectionate to the Japanese! ichgearmotor.com

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